Here at Hubble, we specialise in elegant and sophisticated design-led interiors. Our quest for functionality and aesthetics has resulted in a partnership with some of the most highly regarded German manufacturers, whose superb products are epitomised by impressive ergonomics and sleek contemporary looks. Our handleless designs are undoubtedly the most popular out of this exceptional collection. Our designers and clients alike love the clean lines and practical features presented by this modern kitchen style. To give an insight into why handleless kitchens are so desirable and to help you decide whether a handleless kitchen is right for you, we’ve put together a handy guide.

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What is a handleless kitchen?

As the name suggests, a handleless kitchen is designed to operate without traditional door-mounted knobs or bar handles. The lack of handles creates a clean, streamlined aesthetic. Handleless kitchens can work in a number of different ways, depending on their design.

Are all handleless kitchens the same?

No! There are three types of handleless kitchens, all of which have slightly different operating mechanisms.

True Handleless – A profile or rail built into the cabinet behind the door creates a finger gap that allows you to pull the door or drawer open. This rail can make an attractive design feature. True handleless kitchens are generally considered the most durable option. The complex, precise and high-quality nature of their design tends to make them more expensive.

J-Pull – A slim handle profile is cut into the edge of the door itself, allowing you to grip the door or drawer to open. J-pull kitchens aren’t so different from ordinary kitchens with handles, making them a cost-effective option. However, the small recess can make operating this kitchen tricky, particularly if you lack strength in your fingers.

Push-To-Open – A small sprung mechanism fitted behind the door enables the door to pop open when pushed in the right place. Though super sleek in appearance, it can take time to get used to the mechanism.

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The Perks Of A Handleless Kitchen

Representing breath-taking looks, superb quality and fantastic functionality, here at Hubble, we believe handleless kitchens make a wonderful addition to the modern home. If you need more convincing, you can learn more about the perks of a handleless kitchen below…

Elegant & Timeless Style

Known for their minimal, pared-back style, handleless kitchens can’t help but exude effortless sophistication and elegance. What’s more, their simple, uncluttered aesthetic makes them a truly timeless choice. Though often associated with dramatic monochrome surface finishes, there are plenty of other more understated options to choose from. Ranging from soft matte hues to warm woodgrain veneers, handleless kitchens can offer impressive design versatility.

Create A Sleek Unobtrusive Backdrop

Open-plan living has gained popularity, meaning the kitchen is often at the heart of social activities. Thus, creating an inviting backdrop that sets the right tone for your room is of utmost importance. Unlike traditional designs, handleless kitchens can bring a harmonious and cohesive feel to an open-plan interior. Their lack of obvious functional detailing and stylish design make the transition between living and practical areas virtually seamless.

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Enhanced Safety & Functionality

From carrying pans of boiling water to using sharp knives, the kitchen can be quite a hazardous place. Removing any potential risk caused by catching your clothing on protruding handles can give you a little extra peace of mind. In fact, opting for push-to-open doors can make using your kitchen easier as well as safer, allowing you to open cupboards and drawers when your hands are full.

An Easy Kitchen Style To Keep Looking Clean

With no fiddly handles or intricate panelling getting in the way, giving your cupboards a quick wipe down couldn’t be easier. If you need an even more low maintenance option, consider opting for a lighter colour like grey or cashmere in a soft matte finish. While keeping your handleless kitchen looking its best is simple, you may want to give some attention to the handle rails or recesses from time to time to ensure your kitchen is hygienic.

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Potential Concerns

True handleless kitchens are exceptionally durable and functional. However, if you have severely restricted dexterity, J-pull and true handleless kitchens may pose a challenge. Furthermore, unlike their more expensive German counterpart, J-pull and push-to-open designs can suffer from wear and tear after many years of use. It’s also worth bearing in mind that regularly touching the front of the unit to operate a push-to-open system can increase the need for cleaning.

Is a handleless kitchen right for you?

While, as mentioned, there are a few practical details worth bearing in mind, your decision ultimately comes down to personal preference. Handleless kitchens represent a more contemporary aesthetic. However, whereas details such as handles or beading can give away the age of a kitchen, a handleless kitchen is less likely to date. There are also plenty of opportunities to personalise your design with beautiful finishes and characterful details such as shelving and stylish lighting.

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If you would like to know more about handleless kitchens or discuss your design ideas, we would love to hear from you. We’ve been designing and installing cutting-edge contemporary and handleless kitchens for over 15 years. Our technical expertise is unrivalled. You can speak to our team now by calling 01243 533727 or emailing