Kitchen Worktops

The kitchen worktop has two main factors which are both equally as important and follows a mantra that encapsulates every kitchen design; it needs to be both aesthetically beautiful but also extremely practical and functional in its use.
We work with the top leading brands in the industry and use our knowledge of the different types of materials and styles available on the market to help our customers decide the best worktop for their kitchen project.
Caesarstone logo


Specialising in premium natural quartz surfaces, Caesarstone have become a household name due to their products’ timeless qualities and setting standards for innovation and craftmanship. These exacting standards of excellence throughout the entire process is reflected in their 25-year warranty across all of their products.

Caesarstone’s passion for innovation, extensive research and development and collaboration with designers and architects, allows them to push the boundaries, exploring new concepts and creating breakthrough designs.

Cosentino, Dekton and Silestone logos


The Cosentino Group is a Spanish, family-owned company, founded in the late 1970’s, who produces and distributes premium, innovative surfaces through their leading global market brands Silestone, Dekton, Sensa and Natural Stone.

These brands offer quartz, composite, granite and natural stone surfaces respectively, with Silestone and Dekton being our preferred supplier for worktops.

Silestone, made from 90% natural quartz, offer a wide range of premium colours and patterns, in 3 different textures; polished, volcano and suede. Unique to Silestone, a bacteriostatic formula developed by Cosentino is included in the quartz material, adding additional protection. The brand’s N-boost technology for select products also enhances the surface colour, finish and stain protection.

Dekton, a composite material made from porcelain, glass and quartz, is an ultra-compact surface and is highly durable as a kitchen surface. Due to its versatile qualities and availability in various thicknesses and large formats, this product can be used in multiple applications, both indoors and outdoors.

Königstone logo


A family run business with 90+ years experience, Königstone were among the first to introduce the revolutionary quartz product into the UK.

Being involved with quartz from the beginning, the company have a complete understanding of the materials’ capabilities, which has allowed them to discover new, exciting products and continue to push themselves to be trendsetters in the kitchen worktop sector.

Neolith logo


Relatively new to the industry, Neolith’s aim is to provide an innovative response to architecture and design sectors by introducing a new type of material that has extraordinary characteristics; the 100% Sintered Stone Surface.

Made of natural, raw materials, sintering technology involves putting the combination of materials through intense pressure and heat to create a slab that has physical and mechanical features unprecedented in the construction industry.

Neolith continue to push their high definition digital designs to replicate the complex and spontaneous patterns seen in natural stones, to create a natural looking product that has a multitude of man-made qualities, including sustainable benefits such as being recyclable and 100% resin free.


Laminate worktops have gained a bad reputation over the years as being susceptible to unsightly peeling and over time looking dreary and faded, however with 21st century technology, laminates today are of a much higher quality and are available in a vast palette of colours, textures and patterns.

Our German kitchen suppliers, Leicht and Schuller, both offer a range of laminate worktops that match a selection of door fronts, allowing the customer to design a complete scheme from the units, worktop and backsplash.

Available in different thickness, edge shapes and sizes, laminate worktops are a very cost-effective option, that allows you to have a feature worktop at the fraction of a cost when compared to quartz or composite materials.


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