Integrated Kitchen Appliances

There are two key important factors to consider when designing a kitchen; the function and layout and the appliances.
Part of the design process with our customers is understanding how they cook and use the kitchen day-to-day, so we can identify the type of appliances that will need to be included.
With the vast number of brands and products available, it can sometimes be daunting to know where to start looking, which is why we use our expertise to help you choose the right appliances for you.
These are the main brands that we have consistently worked with over the past 15 years and we are wholly confident in their performance and quality for our projects.
BSH Bosch Siemens Neff Gaggenau logos

BSH Group: Siemens, Bosch, Neff & Gaggenau

With history dating back to as early as the late 18th Century, the BSH brands are among the strongest in the home appliance market. They are also some of the most well-known brands today.

As strong household names, products across all brands have been developed and produced with technological expertise and an in-depth knowledge of customers’ needs, such as the Slide & Hide oven by Neff and Steam Ovens by Gaggenau and Siemens.

The group’s successful inventions, innovations and progressive developments of their products have resulted in high quality and reliable household appliances for cooking, cooling and cleaning

As one of only four Siemens 5* IQ Centres on the South coast we are able to sell the Studio Line range and Siemens’ higher end cooling systems, and all at a better pricing compared to other retailers.

Fisher & Paykel logo

Fisher & Paykel

Designed and manufactured in New Zealand since the 1930’s, Fisher & Paykel have grown into a global premium brand over the past 80+ years, offering kitchen appliances that have been designed with their customer in mind.

The company’s consistent technological innovations and their design commitment to research how people cook and use kitchen, as well as how the role and look of the kitchen is changing, has set them apart as a design-led appliance manufacturer.

From cooking, cooling and cleaning, Fisher & Paykel have a wide range of appliances, available in 3 different styles, to suit any kitchen design.

Miele logo


With their 120-year history, the independent German family owned, global company has developed a strong brand following, with loyal customers investing in their carefully coordinated designs, in matching colour options, to complete their kitchen with a full range of Miele appliances.

This German brand strives for absolute perfection and their true craftsmanship is the result of the vision, precision and attention to detail when manufacturing to the highest standard. Miele offer a unique reliability in the quality of their products, as they test all ranges with stringent quality control.

As they set standards for quality, technology, craftsmanship and design for their product ranges, they continue to follow their guiding principle “Immer Besser” translating as “Forever Better”.

Leibherr logo


As leading specialists in fridge and freezer production, Liebherr has a 70-year success story that started with the invention of the first ever mobile crane.

This third generation, German family owned company consistently aim to implement new product ideas and ensure long term fresh food storage. Through quality, design and innovation they have introduced many features to fridge and freezers systems over the years that are considered as standard today.

Liebherr’s product range of modular appliances can be mixed and matched to create your perfect food and wine centre combination. Focusing importantly on energy efficiency, a large proportion of their fridge/freezer product range have the highest efficiency classes.

Novy logo


Novy’s goal over the past 50 years has been to bring silence to your kitchen. As the foremost specialist in cooker hoods, this Belgian brand developed the first cooker hood in 1965 and have since been developing their extraction and surface cooking products to become a defining feature of modern kitchens.

Enhanced by the trend for open plan living, Novy products are subtle and elegant in design and set the tone for future products with regards to discretion, simplicity, user convenience, technological sophistication and silence.

As the leading European brand in kitchen ventilation and celebrating their 100th anniversary this year, Novy’s product range now includes high design statement appliances for cooker hoods, recirculation extraction, downdraft extraction and hobs.

BORA logo | Hubble Kitchens & Interiors


BORA’s key aim is to end the extractor hood. Made in Germany and Austria, BORA are specialists in the ground-breaking cooktop extractor systems.

Driven by the founder’s idea of making a more attractive kitchen the most important room in the house, BORA patented the first cooktop extractor system and has since been rapidly re-writing history with their range that now includes the BORA Professional, Classic, Pure and X Pure products.

By developing a niche product that quickly became a market in its own right, BORA have brought many advantages to cooking in the kitchen and continue to drive their technological and social research into developing the cooktop extractor system.

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