Kitchen Handle Systems

The true handle-less system was introduced in the 1960s and has since encapsulated the clean, streamline, minimalist approach of a modern kitchen; a style that has quickly become popular over the past decade, especially with the rise of open plan spaces.
The continuous line of the handle rail is attached to the carcass instead of the door and creates a space to grip, allowing easy access to either cupboard or drawer.
There are a few variants of the true handle-less system available from Leicht and Schuller and with our knowledge of each, we can help you decide which is the best option for you and your kitchen design.


The Avance handle-less system by Leicht has a characteristic chamfered front edge, creating an alluring angled handle. With this handle system, the continuous rail will always sit beneath a top drawer sat under the worktop and then once more below if another drawer or pullout is included.


The Contino handle-less system by Leicht is based on the Avance concept, however, has a straight-edged recessed front and is very similar to the handle-less system also seen in our Schuller or Next125 kitchens. In contrast to the Avance system, this handle rail sits directly under the worktop, which creates easy access to either a drawer, pullout or cupboard.


Used for tall units only and in conjunction with any other handle system, the vertical handle rail enables the user to open the tall unit door from either the left or right-hand side, allowing the door front to be a single, continuous panel, uninterrupted by a handle rail. Depending on choice of colour the vertical handle rail can act as an added prominent linear feature within the scheme.

Push-catch or Touch Opening System

The push-catch door is probably one of the more well-known handle-less systems. Operated by simply pushing the door, this system is especially effective when trying to achieve a completely straight lined and puristic design.

We would typically use the touch opening system for overhead cupboards in tall units or on the back of an island, for example.


For drawers and pullouts, Leicht offer Tip-Softclose and Sensomatic handle-less systems that have hinge technology allowing the user to lightly press on the front to open.

Electric drive mechanisms are required for wall units that open overhead with a top hinged, swing flap, fold up or lift up doors. These drive mechanisms electrically open the door for the user at the slight movement of manually opening the cupboard.


Although popular, the handle-less systems might not be everyone’s cup of tea and so handles are of course still available for any Leicht or Schuller kitchen.

Both offer an extensive range of handles in various styles and finishes, however there is also the option to source your cabinet handles separately, to enhance the style of your kitchen or simply to make it feel more luxurious.

Inset Handle

To maintain a clean, minimal look without using handle-less rails, there is the option to use an inset handle. This handle from Leicht is available in stainless steel or can be powder coated to match the colour of the door front.

Profile Griprail

Another similar effect handle is the profile grip rail. This seemingly handle-less rail is actually a handle attached the door front to create the illusion of a handle-less rail. Typically, this can be used for functional tall units, where having a Contino rail may cause some restrictions, but a handled system is not preferred.

Armac Martin logo

Armac Martin

Armac Martin are a luxury brass hardware company, who over the past 90 years have celebrated true craftmanship with exceptional designs and exquisite detail.

Favoured by architects and interior designs alike, Armac Martin utilizes modern day manufacturing techniques and the finest materials to produce a stunning range of brass fittings and fixtures, from cabinet pull handles, T-bars and knobs, to hinges, cupboard catches and bolts.

Turnstyle Designs logo

Turnstyle Designs

A relatively young and small, family run business, Turnstyle assigned themselves the slogan ‘Bored of brass’ based on their ambition to work with every practical material available, striving to push the boundaries of handle design.

This is reflected in their stunning leather and shagreen finishes, attention to detail and unique handle designs, adding tactile luxury to any kitchen design.

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