Did you know that lighting can affect your mood and ability to perform everyday tasks in your kitchen with ease? It is therefore useful to know, there are 3 types of interior lighting you can select from that will help to improve both your heart and home

Ambient Lighting is a necessary part of any complete kitchen scheme, especially if you want your lights to work hard in the space, but remain in keeping with your own personal style and homes architecture. Ambient lighting should be able to create sufficient light for you to navigate your home in one piece with fitted overhead lighting and downlights, bead lighting, ceiling spotlights and even independent decorative lighting via strategically placed floor and table lamps working well.

Designer kitchen for modern living by Hubble

Task Lighting should goes hand in hand with your furniture, as this type of lighting will help with everyday kitchen chores including cooking, food preparation and cleaning. Discreet yet high performing, task lighting is typically installed under-cabinets and directly above well-used preparation areas like your kitchen worktop and central island unit. In essence, task lighting is designed to assist with your ‘everyday’, and can be provided by a variety of different sources to give you the option to adjust the lighting: making it ideal for activities like cooking and cleaning.

Next125 kitchen from Hubble

Accent Lighting is your resource for creating the ambience in a room, whilst adding depth to your kitchen space. Subtly illuminating your kitchen cabinets, mood lighting has been designed for decoration rather than practicality and so the light temperatures are usually warm or coloured. Over-cabinet mood lighting is best, especially if you’re looking to add interest and a little drama.

It is important to think about all three types of lighting when planning your kitchen, by doing so, you will not only enhance the appearance of your kitchen, but also make it even easier to use!

If you don’t want to be kept in the dark anymore, contact Hubble to find out how it can help revitalise your kitchen furniture through the power of light.

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