With the rise in open-plan living and shift towards using our kitchens for more versatile and social purposes, contemporary design styles are growing in popularity. Here at Hubble, we believe the way in which modern design-led kitchens combine elegant aesthetics, technical precision and exceptional functionality offers the ultimate solution to contemporary living.

If you’re hoping to create a spectacular modern kitchen interior that enhances your lifestyle and transforms your home, a little attention to detail will go a long way.

To help you find inspiration for your upcoming project, we’re shining a spotlight on some of the most elegant and stylish contemporary kitchen design details that will elevate your space.

Natural Wood Accents

Contemporary kitchens are known for their minimal, pared-back looks. While their clean aesthetic can create a striking setting, some may be put off by their potentially stark appearance. Introducing elements of natural wood can help soften harsh lines of cabinetry, bringing a sense of warmth and character to your room. Pairing an organic natural wood grain with a flawless matt finish establishes an attractive juxtaposition of colour and texture. Utilising an accent finish to create different visual planes within the design also adds a level of depth and balance to the composition.

An Architectural Kitchen Breakfast Bar

With few decorative details to enhance or detract from the design, the forms and surfaces within a contemporary kitchen interior become paramount to the character of the space. As well as leading the eye and bringing additional structural interest to the room, an architectural breakfast bar offers an opportunity to introduce or echo another material within your design, such as natural wood or striking stone. From a practical perspective, a breakfast bar (integrated or additional) allows you to introduce seating, adding a wonderful social aspect to your space.

A Dramatic Kitchen Sink Splashback

As already mentioned, in such a minimal, pared-back setting, your choice of materials plays a leading role in establishing the atmosphere and style of your design. If you’d like to bring an opulent and sophisticated edge to your interior, a dramatic veined stone surface makes an exquisite feature. With greater visibility than your worktops, a sink or hob splashback offers an excellent location to showcase a spectacular natural stone. Highly patterned marble and granite splashbacks are very much on-trend and will add a beautiful, majestic focal point to your space.

Uninterrupted Lines Of Kitchen Cabinetry

One of the reasons contemporary kitchens are so well suited to open-plan dining and living is their ability to establish a seamless sense of cohesion between the two different zones. A handleless finish encourages the eye to focus on the visual aspects of the design, minimising functional details. You can enhance this effect by creating a streamlined bank of tall units. A sleek wall of units becomes part of the inherent structure of the room, creating an uninterrupted canvas ideal for the addition of other elegant design features.

Modern Blue Handleless Kitchen

Distinctive Bar Stools

Whether you enjoy hosting sophisticated gatherings or laidback brunches with friends and family, bar stools make a great addition to a sociable kitchen. However, they don’t just serve a practical function. From plush upholstered bar stools to striking industrial-style designs, your choice of seating can transform the look and feel of your kitchen. For more tips on creating a kitchen perfect for entertaining, please click here.

15 drayton lane wide kitchen view -- Hubble

Statement Lighting

Another detail that offers the opportunity to add real character and personality to your design is lighting. As well as creating a warm and sophisticated atmosphere, stylish lighting can bring a new dimension to your interior. Striking pendant lights situated over a statement island emphasise the presence of this stunning design feature, making a wonderful finishing touch to the room.

Sleek Modern Kitchen Appliances

Sleek integrated appliances are a must if you’re looking to create a stylish, streamlined modern design. While built-in ovens and refrigerators are a common sight in many homes, the latest state-of-the-art induction hobs are the real game-changers.

Doing away with the need for a bulky cooker hood allows you the freedom to position your hob anywhere in your kitchen while simultaneously achieving a truly minimal aesthetic. Read more about the innovative extraction hob by clicking here. You can also minimise worktop clutter by forgoing your electric kettle in favour of a cutting-edge boiling water tap. The latest kitchen appliances aim to bring functionality and aesthetics together in improved harmony.

Modern Kitchen

If you’re looking to bring a stylish focal point to the heart of your home, a contemporary kitchen makes a fantastic choice. Despite their minimal looks, there are hundreds of ways to personalise your design and achieve a stunning, unique interior.

If you’d like any further advice, you can get in touch with our knowledgeable kitchen design specialists by calling 01243 533727 or emailing info@hubblekitchens.co.uk.