The kitchen is one of the most functional spaces in the house, playing host to the day-to-day morning rush, quiet lunch time breaks and homely dinner gatherings with family and friends.

But how does your kitchen work for you when entertaining?

Whether you enjoy throwing unforgettable parties or holding small gatherings, planning is essential to achieving the perfect kitchen.

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Creating space and storage

It’s important to consider the layout of your kitchen and how this can work for you when cooking and entertaining.  Can guests mingle whilst staying out of the main cooking area?  Can you be a part of the conversation whilst busy preparing food?  Can someone help themselves to a drink whilst not getting in the way?

As a multi-use area, the kitchen needs to meet many needs and we discuss with all our customers what might be lacking in their current kitchen and what we could improve to design their dream kitchen.

If you have an open plan space, you may need elements of the kitchen to also function as part of a living space to help integrate the kitchen with a dining or living room area. Decorative shelving, open room dividers and display units can all be designed in matching or complimentary finishes to help keep an interior scheme cohesive.

What’s inside your kitchen units is another important factor.  Today, plain shelf cupboards and drawers are kitchen basics seen in most kitchens, however, features such as storage pull outs, clever drawer inserts, and function specific units add another level of organisation that will make using your kitchen seamless; perfect for when you have hungry guests waiting!

Choosing the right appliances

With the development of technology, appliances no longer offer a single function, meaning they work harder for us, so we don’t have to.    

Integrated ovens are designed around how and what people cook, offering different types of cooking, such as steam and combination cooking, whilst ensuring perfect results.  Fridge and freezers are designed to be as energy efficient as possible, with a focus on keeping your food fresher for longer and surface extraction hobs help keep the room clear from lingering cooking smells without the need for a bulky, loud extractor.

A new kitchen with new appliances may mean a whole new way of cooking, so we discuss with you your cooking requirements and advise the most suitable products for your needs.

Open Kitchen Design | Hubble kitchens

Worktops do wonders

The worktop is aesthetically one of the key elements to a kitchen design based on the finish, style, and pattern, but it also needs to be one of the hardest working materials within the kitchen.

Materials such as quartz and sintered/compact stone have been developed in such a way that they offer a wide range of colours and patterns to suit most kitchen styles, whilst at the same time providing a durable product that can withstand a busy kitchen life.

When it comes to redesigning your kitchen, we understand that it can seem like an overwhelming task trying to decide on the perfect design and features to cater for all your needs.

At Hubble, our team of experts are on hand to work with you to design your dream kitchen that will meet all your requirements. Contact us today to start your new project!