Are you feeling overwhelmed by the variety of surface products on offer in today’s kitchen market? Read our planning and design tips to help you choose your new kitchen work top, splashback, up-stand or floor and discover why Hubble Kitchens is a big fan of Dekton®.

Tip #1: Avoid sensory and financial chaos by considering the versatility of a texture, pattern or colour and ask of the product material’s resistance, longevity and slab size availability.

Tip #2: Achieve design harmony by minimising the number of surface material styles. Think simplicity. Option 1 – create interest and contrast with a max of three complementary surface styles (two for smaller spaces); Option 2 – be consistent with just one style for an ultra-minimalist look.

At Hubble, we are rather excited by Dekton®. We currently stock samples of this unique surface product at our Chichester showroom and will be stocking it in our new Guildford showroom from December.

Despite the high science behind Dekton®, it is inherently natural, in product and in process. It contains more than 20 minerals extracted from nature, contains no resins or glue and its manufacture emulates and accelerates the metamorphic changes that stone naturally undergoes over thousands of years. This makes for uncontrived colours and pattern in the final product, which are only ever simple, earthy and versatile. Exposure to a high pressure and high heat process creates surfaces that are so superior in density, resistance and stability that more and more customers are choosing Dekton® for flooring, walling as well as the usual worktops and upstands.

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