In July of this year, we designed and installed a bespoke, Leicht kitchen for a family home in Clapham Common, South West London.

We asked our client a few questions about their experience to help explain the process of working with Hubble for a kitchen renovation.

Q: How did you come to choose Hubble for your new kitchen?

A: “We’d visited the Guildford showroom and were really impressed by the kitchens on show. The designer we spoke to really knew what he was on about and we were surprised at how flexible they could be with their designs – the style of the kitchens was just what we were looking for.”

Q: How did the process start?

A: “They came to our house to measure up and within a few days, they’d sent us an initial design which was brilliant. It was really easy to get a feel for the design as their software is amazing, so we could imagine being in there.”

Q: How did you decide on the final design?

A: “The whole process was really easy and relaxed – we went to the showroom for a second meeting to choose the materials. We with sat the designer, Anthony, and finalised the design over coffee and biscuits!”

Q: What special features did you want for the kitchen?

A: “Anything to make our lives easier! We’ve just had our second child, so the smart oven is really handy – being able to turn it on from my phone, plus the fact that’s it’s a microwave oven is a great space saver, as is the pull-out larder. We wanted LED lighting to create a nice atmosphere and keep things calm; it looks great.”

Q: How did you make the kitchen bespoke to you?

A: “We chose the materials, colours and layout for the kitchen – Hubble took it all on board and put together the design. The designer explained why everything was put where it was and it all made perfect sense – very practical!”

Q: Why would you recommend Hubble?

A: “The whole kitchen renovation was really stress-free and all the people, including the guys who installed the kitchen, were so nice. It wasn’t time consuming at all and they just made it happen in an impressive time frame! We’d also just had a new floor laid and they were so careful when the kitchen was being built. We know it will last us for years – it’s amazing quality and the style is timeless.”

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