Leicht, our German kitchen supplier, have recently introduced Dressing Room Furniture Systems to offer new and diverse options for equipping wardrobe and dressing areas.

The system is based on modules of the existing Fios shelving range and in combination with shelf unit carcasses. All modules are available with the added option of integrated lighting.

The Dressing Room Furniture Systems can be planned individually, supplemented with cupboards and surround accessories, offering the opportunity to design a bespoke format suited to the customer’s needs and space.

For those looking for a more standard, off the shelf setup, Leicht have also designed 3 planned options for simple implementation.

Available in any Leicht colour range, your wardrobe or dressing room can be designed to complement your bedroom scheme, bespoke to you and your personality.

Get in touch with one of our designers today to discuss how we can help you with your wardrobe needs.

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Stephanie – Designer

My dream wardrobe configuration would be a combination of open and concealed storage, as I like to see my clothes, but also want to be able to throw some small items in a cupboard if needed. I really like the style of version 2 setup, but with some added cupboard storage and everything to have integrated lighting. The shoe unit would also be a blessing in my house!

Version 1

Comprehensive design of open and integrated wardrobe system with Fios-shelf units, open base units with drawers, trouser pull-out and built-in Vero light cupboards.

Version 2

Slim design of Fios open shelving units with built-under drawers and floating shoe shelf unit.

Version 3

Fios wardrobe shelf unit, mounted on wall or ceiling, with floating sideboard storage below.

Get in touch with one of our designers today to find out more.

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