As a company, we regularly seek the views of our customers and as we plan and prepare for the opening of our second showroom in Guildfordcustomer feedback has been an integral part of that process.

To help us decide which products to display, we asked customers for feedback on their day to day experience of kitchen appliances and how they regard the service reputation of the various company brands.

These products are not throw-away items and customers revealed that spending with confidence is key.  When talking about appliance products we heard how people invest their money in ‘reliability’, ‘simplicity’, ‘durability’.  But customers were quick to remark that product is only half of the deal. For many, the retail experience (the human relationship at consultation and sales point), features highly in inspiring their decision to spend.  Succeed on both counts to achieve customer loyalty and repeat business, customers claimed.

This affirmed our own business philosophy and our choice to stock Siemens and Miele brands in our Chichester and Guildford showrooms.

We are proud of our continuing partnership with Siemens with their appealing offer of ‘affordably hi-tech’ appliances. With Siemens products, financial savings are made through ground-breaking energy efficient innovations and highly competitive pricing.  Complementary to this, we also stock Miele appliances that are famed for standing the test of time both in terms of robustness and aesthetics. Our partnership with Miele will appeal to customers who seek more than product excellence as we offer a free invitation for customers to attend a deep-dive experience into the art of cooking, Miele-style. It’s Miele’s latest innovation, a consultation experience, they like to call ‘A Taste for Design’.

We assure you. We listened and researched, and we are confident.  In terms of value for money, beautifully designed products and quality service and customer care, no other brands come close.

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