Hubble are proud dealers of Italian furniture company Novamobili, who offer a beautiful range of wardrobe and dressing room solutions, bedroom furniture and living and occasional furniture.


Novamobili’s wardrobe solutions are available in a modular format, offering endless opportunities to design storage built specifically to your needs and personal style.

There are three options of wardrobe door systems to choose from; hinged door, sliding door or flush-closing sliding door.

There are various designs available for each door system, with a choice of colour options and finishes to choose from, including textured and wood effect finishes.

Not only are Novamobili’s wardrobes designed to be beautiful on the outside, they are also designed to offer cleaver storage solutions on the inside. The module system allows the designer to build the interior space to perfectly fit your storage needs. This means you can dictate your clothes hanging space, drawer storage and shelving. You can also choose to have specific shoe storage with slanted shelves and features such as pull out trouser hanging and accessory drawers.

Read our How to Declutter Your Wardrobe post to find out your specific storage needs.

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