Falmec Circle. Tech the future of extraction

Always at the forefront of developing technologies to purify air in the kitchen environment, Falmec presents Circle.Tech; with a revolutionary system integrating extraction and filtering into a single unit.

Unlike traditional systems, the Circle.Tech fitering unit works horizontally rather than vertically. The expelled air is conveyed through the filter surrounding the motor. This increases the effectiveness and capacity by up to 86%. The even distribution of expelled air reduces turbulence and consequently is extremely quiet.

Filtering technology – Carbon.Zeo, a combination of natural materials; Charcoal and Zeolite.

These advanced filters that control moisture as well as odours have a life span of 3 years and can be regenerated every 18 months by placing in your oven at 200⁰C for 2 hours. Ideal for Passiv-House Installations.

Falmec have initially released 6 designs in a number of finishes.


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