“Alexa, make me a coffee”

If she didn’t already do enough for us, Alexa’s skills are getting quicker, smarter and far more interconnected than ever.

Alexa’s been making the coffee in Hubble’s Guildford showroom for the past month, and now she’s setting the mood with smart lighting and preheating our ovens before we get home.

Speaking at the KBB Live show, Simon Gosling explained how Smart Homes are getting even smarter as appliances are now connecting with each other and reducing the need for multiple controls and apps.

The collaboration between the Home Connect app and IFTTT is creating huge possibilities for homes, particularly in the kitchen. Siemens WiFi enabled appliances work in sync with the Home Connect app and IFTT – for example, switching off your alarm clock in the morning can trigger your coffee machine to make a fresh cup, and with Alexa on hand, you don’t even need to pick up your phone to “start Home Connect oven”.

With the upcoming potential of 5G, things are only going to get quicker and slicker, so if you’re planning a renovation, speak to the Hubble team about the smart appliances available and how they can fit perfectly in to your new kitchen.


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